About Me

Hello there.  My name is James.  I'm a husband, father of two beautiful children, and I'm an outdoor enthusiast.  From camping to hiking to backpacking and shooting, I love the outdoors and enjoy every opportunity I have to get out into the back country.

It seems, however, that life had other plans for me.  With two small children in the house, college, and a career that demands a lot of my attention, I haven't found myself out in the mountains as much as I used to.

As a result of a lot of factors, I began to put on some weight.  At first, it didn't seem like a big deal, but now that I'm 31 years old, and my children are starting to get older, it's a problem.

My intention is to force myself back into shape through a rigorous exercise and diet plan.  With the advice, and help from my younger brother Jeff, I'm working as hard as I can to stick to a program to get me back down to my pre-marriage weight and stay there!

My plan is to hit the gym every day of the week and hit the trails every weekend.  As of this writing, I'm in week 5 of my program and have lost a total of 17 lbs, and I'm feeling great!  My wife has already noticed some subtle changes.

Starting January, 2012, I plan to hike at least once a week in order to help get myself into the best shape of my life so that in August of 2013, Jeff and I can though-hike the Wonderland Trail, encircling Mt Rainier - a distance of 93 miles start to finish.

My blog is part record keeping, part bragging rights, part information, and part accountability.  If I fall short, it will be evidenced here.  Not only am I accounting for my actions in this venture, but my brother Jeff has the ability to author whatever he wants in this blog as well.  Not only is his knowledge and information invaluable to this cause, but his freedom to hold me accountable for my actions is important to this enterprise.

Since 2007, I have tried three separate times to make an effort to lose weight, and have failed three separate times.  The problem was that while my intentions were good, my execution was marginal and only so-so effective.  Jeff is qualified to be my guide through this journey, not only because he has the education and certifications to do so, but because he has intimate knowledge with weight loss in general.  For more information, check out his introduction entry here: Jeff

This time will be different. I know it will be different this time because each time I failed before, I didn't make it this far.  Each week, I post a new video update to talk about my progress, concerns, failures, etc and periodically I post entries talking about milestone achievements, gear, and training hikes that I go on.  If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to navigate this blog site and make yourself at home.  Also, feel free to comment on any subject you wish to.

Thank you,