Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back At It

I can't believe it.  My last entry was May 6th!!!  Where does the time go?  Okay, so I haven't been updating my blog, as I should have, but a lot of things have changed since I last spoke here.  Okay, so I guess it's time for an update.

For starters, I changed jobs.  I didn't change careers, I just work for a different distributorship doing the same work I was doing before.  It's just that now, I'm living in another state in the SW somewhere.  You'll find out soon enough from hiking reports I am set to do soon. 

In the month of May, after I put my blog entry together, there was a ton of stuff that happened.  Between flights to and from my new state of residence, work, packing my stuff, organizing things, and making preparations to move, I found little time to hit the gym.  I did go a few times a week, but not as much as I was used to going.  Either way, what's done is done, and I can't change it.  The good news is I was able to get my crap together.

Then Lindsay and I took our kids on a vacation to see her parents the last week of May into June.  After the vacation, I had a week to get everything finalized and move.  I high-tailed it out of Washington the second weekend of June.  Started my new job on the 11th, and have been ass-on-fire busy ever since.  Been getting 50-55 hours consistently these last couple of months!  And the work doesn't seem to slow down.

I've spent my off hours time either recovering from working (the altitude here is much higher than WA, so it took some time to acclimate to it), looking for a house, driving around getting to know the area, or just taking care of day to day business.  I didn't want to get a gym membership right away because I didn't know where I was going to land. I have been staying with my in-law's this whole time.  Lindsay is still in WA with the kids.

Finally, we just got a rental lined up for move in on Sept 1, and I fly back to WA to meet my wife and kids, and dog and haul butt to where I'm at right now in a moving truck.  I finally decided that enough was enough.  I haven't been in a gym in almost two months now!  And it was starting to make itself apparent.  I gained a couple lbs in the meantime, which sucks, but I caught it soon and signed up for a gym membership here three days ago.  Been taking advantage of it too.  The nice thing is that my job starts an hour later than my old job did, and I was able to hit the gym this morning at 6:30 before heading to work, and this one is right on the way; a key reason I chose it.  With private showers, and a clean locker room, I was happy to use their water to take a shower. 

I'm slowly getting back into it.  With a house finally approved, and my wife and kids coming to be with me in a couple short weeks, I'm starting to feel a sense of normalcy that I haven't felt in a long time. 

I'll be back to make update videos and track my progress from here out.  We are still a couple months away from my birthday, and I plan on losing as much weight as I can until then.  I'm hoping to be near goal weight by the end of this year so I can start 2013 off right!


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